2018 Executive Board

Chair: Randy McGlenn II

Email: eastcentralneighborhood.chair@gmail.com

Hello, and thank you for your interest in our neighborhood community!  I am a lifelong resident of the Spokane area, growing up in the valley, and moving to the lower south hill as an adult.  It is great to be able to work and live in the same area of town.  East Central brings everything together from shopping to services, parks to dining and more.  I have been a resident of East Central since 2004 and am honored to represent your neighborhood!

Vice Chair: Jim Hanley

Email: eastcentralneighborhood.vice@gmail.com

Jim Hanley is our new Vice-Chair of the Neighborhood Council.  More to follow!

Secretary: Kim

Email: eastcentralneighborhood.sec@gmail.com

Kim is our new Secretary of the Neighborhood Council.  More to follow!

Treasurer: Vacant

Email: eastcentralneighborhood.tres@gmail.com

We are in current need of a Treasurer.  Are you a voting member of the neighborhood council?  Interested in helping out with our board?  We would love to hear from you!