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Neighborhood Council Meetings:   East Central Neighborhood Council meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday each month, excluding August. Meetings are held at the East Central Community Center, 500 S. Stone Spokane, WA 99202.   Please join us!

Anyone who lives or works in East Central Neighborhood is encouraged to attend. There are no dues or fees for membership. Attending three meetings in a five-month period brings voting rights.

Current Neighborhood Council Meeting Agenda

Mission Statement:  To protect and preserve the East Central Neighborhood and its quality of life through planning, visionary leadership, accountability, and neighborhood volunteers working with City of Spokane departments, agencies, and neighbors for the benefit of current and future residents with the aid and assistance of Community Development Grants and other funding sources.

Common Neighborhood Topics:

  • Crime – The issues of crime like, graffiti, burglary or car prowling is addressed at the neighborhood council meetings. A member of the Spokane Police Department is usually on hand to describe current crime trends, prevention methods, and resources.
  • Community Development – East Central is a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) eligible neighborhood.  This means that the neighborhood receives federal funding each year for capital improvements such as, sidewalks, home rehabilitation and community centers to name a few when neighborhoods utilize Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) dollars.
  • Traffic – The East Central Neighborhood has a wide range of streets, from residential trafficcircleto the freeway that bisects the neighborhood.  The good news is that even with so much diversity in street types you can do something to stop dangerous or inconsiderate drivers.  Every year the East Central Neighborhood can submit two applications for a traffic calming measure to be installed in the neighborhood.  Anything from speed-limit signs to traffic circles.
  • Code Enforcement – Code Enforcement is the primary contact for land use complaints, enforcing City health, safety codes and ordinances. Code Enforcement helps the public understand their rights and obligations and work closely with other government agencies to promote community goals; and acts as a liaison with community members on programs and policies to ensure stable improvement to quality of life and neighborhoods. Visit the Office of Neighborhood Services & Code Enforcement to learn more.

The Neighborhood Council has active working groups in the following goal areas: