June 27, 2017

Some time ago, as part of some idle musings, I uncovered what I have come to believe in as a fine rule for predicting elections. The trick hinges on my keen observation that the dumber of two candidates more often than not wins.  AND when it becomes too hard to tell who is dumber, the majority will usually go with the less experienced candidate.

In any particular case, more analysis. may be needed.  For example, I confronted the humorist Dave Barry with my theory and he wrote back that he could not buy it because no one was dumber than Gerald Ford.


June 6, 2017

When I finally found out who Mary Shelley was, I sharply regretted my prior pathetic ignorance.  And after a short time Mary came to be my most admired historical figure.  Let me sketch a few bare facts from her celebrated life and I’ll finish off with a quote from one of her novels. I believe you all could benefit and find pleasure spending time with Mary Shelly and her ideas.

From the time it was published in 1818, Mary has been best known as the author of Frankenstein.  Though she had somewhat basked in the fame of her parents. She was born in 1797 to famous anarchist philosopher, William Godwin, and radical feminist, Mary Wollstonecraft. When Mary Godwin was sixteen she eloped with and later married the great poet Percy Bysshe Shelley.

The following is from a character in The Last Man (1826).

“You have often agreed with me that there is but one solution to the intricate riddle of life: to improve ourselves, and contribute to the happiness of others…. “

May 25, 2017

The planet earth and its residents are in mortal danger from more than one direction.
This ongoing crisis has been detailed by Noam Chomsky.and many other concerned  scholars.  I am shocked to find ourselves in such  gloomy circumstances, especially sjnce for so long we have been taught  to love our fellow man. I believe we could have done better wih like our fellow man

Do not think too hard or long on any paradox.  You will get a headache.

In a group of 23 the chance of two or more having a birthdav on the same day is about 50-50.
Do you believe it?

May 8, 2017

For you faithful readers, here is a heads up list of items I could be writing about on down the trail.  Though, I may change my mind.  Please don’t be mad.

LIST:  Many quotes from my curmudgeon vault,  East Central history, tidbits concerning Mary Shelley and her connections, your own questions and concerns, me, nothing that should be offensive to any voting member of the Neighborhood Council.

Let us begin with three samples from the aforementioned vault.

Life is one long process of getting tired.  -SAMUEL BUTLER

People say that life is the thing, but I prefer reading.-  LOGAN PEARSALL SMITH

Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about.  -OSCAR W[LDE

April 21, 2017

Truth is subtle and thus not so easy to know. The great French mathematician, Laplace (1749 – 1827) had this in mind when he wrote of confronting mirage-like notions in his work.  Sam Harris, modern day philosopher and neuro-scientist, now brands the Monty Hall Problem as a good example of what I mean to mean.  Let us take a look. This is how I hear it goes:

I’m told that MH was or is a game show host on TV.  His games contain some very not nice tricks; that leave many players in a dither. ( I guess it was his upbringing.)  He shows you three closed doors and swears to the following: one door conceals something you want very much and will get if you select that door. The other two doors conceal only cute goats which are also up for grabs.  You pick a door.  Before it is opened, good old MH gives you more info.  He will reveal what is behind one of the two doors you did not pick. You go for this.  He examines behind the two doors and reveals a goat.  Now, should you stick to your first pick or switch to the remaining door?

-Ron Myers

Short Biography

Ron claims he was born without permission many years ago in his grandmother‘s house in the town of Hillyard.  He has since lived mostly in Spokane – going to school, playing poker, and working as little as possible.  He has a masters degree in math from EWU. Now, of course, he brags of being a Zag grad who has spent sixteen years in Catholic school. He is also quite happy to be bound in holy matrimony to Rebecca, a lovely, wise, and womanly woman. And our lad takes more than a little pride as father of a classy daughter, Linda. Finally, Ron asserts that he loves to observe strange people and hope for the best.

-Ron Myers 4/14/2017