Business Spotlight March: Robert Gilles, Real Estate Agent

Location: 1814 E. Sprague Ave., Spokane WA 99202

Web page:


What is the nature of your business?

The nature of real estate is that it deals with the most basic human needs, the need for shelter, food, mobility, family and institutional stability.


What is the most unique thing you want people to know about your business?

Under all is the land and it is absolutely astonishing to me how our land and decisions touch every aspect and detail of our lives, how we live and work.


Upcoming promotions or sales?

In the East Central Neighborhood we have an unprecedented challenge and opportunity this year. We need to work together to survive and thrive through Sprague’s reconstruction and the storm water installations.  It will take everyone working together to encourage and sustain each other.  If we can strive to cooperate and complete, our future is indeed bright.


Is there anything else you would like to share about your business?

The most important thing to me about the real estate business is the unbelievable opportunity offered by our humble little corner of the world.  The more I travel our country and the world, the more I see our choices for our tiny patch of ground is a nexus, an explosive producer, and a place where it is a joy to live and work.


First, there is a focus in our neighborhoods on human basics.  Archer Daniels Midlord stores and sends flour around the world.  Scafco works worldwide to protect the food supply.  Many of our small businesses compete with world giants.  Educational, medical, and transportation services aid thousands of citizens far beyond our small neighborhood borders.
Second, on human resources are a unique blend of former pioneer immigrants and current newcomers. Our workers, investors, and residents include families who have toiled here for generations, as well our newest immigrants.  We have extremely well educated people as well as people with true street smarts and skills. These are tough, savvy, and competitive people.  In addition, the people here can work together, disagree, and keep forming and working toward community goals.

Business Spotlight: Gilles Realty

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