On Monday January 16th, the East 5th Ave and Underhill Park Stakeholders partnered with Avista and other East Central residents to Brighten the Night.  We went door to door handing out low watt light bulbs and smash lights provided by Avista and a flyer with information about neighborhood organizations.  Avista provided the light bulbs, smash lights and totes for our volunteers to carry everything in.

It was so much fun but so cold!  It was only 8 degrees that afternoon. As we knocked on doors handing out free light bulbs, we explained the bulbs were for their porch lights to help light up the night in an effort to reduce property crime.  It was great to meet so many residents and walk around the neighborhood.

Eric Blauer and Jacob’s Well were nice enough to provide a warm gathering place where we could get a hot beverage and reload our tote bags with light bulbs and flyers.  Some of the other attendees were Michael Brown from SERA and the Fresh Soul restaurant, Avista brought five volunteers, I (Karen Sutula) was there from the neighborhood council, and many other residents from the neighborhood.

This event was just the first of many events planned this year designed to build awareness of the revitalization efforts of the 5th Ave/ Underhill Park Stakeholders and help create a sense of community in our neighborhood.  We hope to see you at the next event in March.  Specific dates and details to follow.

Brighten the Night

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