On the first and third Mondays of the month there is an East Central Neighborhood Cafe meeting for those living north of the freeway. It is facilitated by Jennifer Hansen from the Spokane Regional Health District. From 6 to 7:30 or 8pm we discuss the issues in our neighborhood such as crime, clean up, home ownership and rentals, public transportation, the businesses along east Sprague and many other things. The cafe group has worked with the police department to get better lighting in the alleys, reduce crime, helped with cleanup efforts along east Sprague and in the neighborhood, thrown potlucks and block parties, helped with Art on the Ave, removed tons of trash and debris, and worked with STA on their proposal for bus stop upgrades, giving resident perspectives on everything from design to traffic congestion. It’s a wonderful group of people meeting twice a month who care deeply about their neighborhood and aren’t afraid to dig in and help out where needed.

In our most recent meeting, on Monday April 4th, we discussed the upcoming cleaning from the corridor event and all the exciting things going on during the event along east Sprague. There is so much planned that a prep day was needed to clean up some areas and prime buildings and containers to be ready for the painting of murals.  On April 16th, we will be meeting at 8am and working until at least noon prepping for Cleaning From The Corridor. All who would like to help are invited to join us. We would appreciate as many as possible to lend a hand.

East Sprague Map

We also talked about the East Sprague Rebranding presentations from some SCC students.  We looked through all the presentations and gave Jennifer feedback.  There was some discussion about the names and the lack of any historical context of the neighborhood in them.  A few people stated that changing the name would be a difficult thing to do and advocated for the rebranding to focus on boosting the public perception of our neighborhood emphasizing all the positive changes going on.

The rebranding process will be a joint effort between ESBA (the East Sprague Business Association) and the residents of the neighborhood and the ECNC (East Central Neighborhood Council).  A plan was discussed for how to decide the direction of the rebranding and a way to vote on it once some decisions have been made.


The last topic of discussion was what would we like to do as a neighborhood this summer.  We decided on an ice cream social possibly in June.  More details will be discussed at the next meeting. It was announced that STA would be at the ESBA meeting on April 13th and DOT and STA are scheduled to be at the next ECNC meeting on April 19th.  They will be discussing the north – south freeway, and the East Sprague revitalization project.

Our next meeting will be on April 18th at 6pm.  We meet at the SPEAR building and encourage you to attend!

Cafe Meeting at SPEAR

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