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Business Spotlight

The neighborhood council in partnership with our neighborhood business districts, will be shining a spotlight on at least one business each month. The East Central Neighborhood is fortunate to have 3 distinct and vibrant business districts within our boundaries – the East Spokane Business Association (ESBA), 5th Ave-Underhill Park, and the South Perry Business Association (SPBA).  We have businesses that span a plethora of categories including grocery stores and natural food markets, furniture stores, restaurants, barbershops, coffee shops, photo studios, vintage shops, repair shops, IT businesses and even a commerce park!

Our business spotlight aims to not only encourage East Central residents to shop locally,  but to shine a light for all the Spokane area to see, shop, and return again and again to our community.  Our neighborhood is changing and improving through the hard work of residents and business owners making East Central a wonderful place to live, work and play and we want everyone to know. So take a moment and read about our current spotlighted business then share the post on social media and check back often to read about the next Business Spotlight.


Featured Contributor – New Post 6/27/2017

Our blog is pleased to feature Ron Myers as a regular contributor.  Ron will be writing about his thoughts and musings on many topics.  Check back regularly to read his column.

Ron claims he was born without permission many years ago in his grandmother‘s house in the town of Hillyard.  He has since lived mostly in Spokane – going to school, playing poker, and working as little as possible.  He has a masters degree in math from EWU. Now, of course, he brags of being a Zag grad who has spent sixteen years in Catholic school. He is also quite happy to be bound in holy matrimony to Rebecca, a lovely, wise, and womanly woman. And our lad takes more than a little pride as father of a classy daughter, Linda. Finally, Ron asserts that he loves to observe strange people and hope for the best.

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